20 thousand third grade teachers vacancies soon in rajasthan


School teacher – student ratio for equality and the cradle of the Right to Education Act in the state, more than 40 thousand is a third category of teachers being recruited. 20 thousand in the third category and will be recruiting teachers. Further recruitment of second class teachers soon
Would be.

Education Minister said that there is still the lack of teachers, it will be completed with the third category of teachers. Procedures have been completed and all the people of the state will soon its rarity. IV staff as well as the lack of schools do not have kids, teachers to be punctual.

Shabby building will shift in the ongoing school

Education Minister said that playing in dilapidated buildings nearby schools to public schools seeks to shift. Not the JDA, Uaiti, municipal, city council or the municipality to shift through them spoke of the land or building. He SSA repairable or national secondary education schools will be fetched from the budget.

Education Minister welcomed

Education Minister Naseem Akhtar Jodhpur tour was received by the education authorities. On this occasion, the Director Badrinarayan Dayma Circuit House, DEO (Secondary) garland Chaudhary, DEO (Elementary) Gobind Khangarot, Adiio (secondary) Sankhala Premchand, DIET Principal Chetnprkash Sen, senior sub-district education officer (Director Office) Omsinh than Rajpurohit Rajasthan Krishna Sharma was received by the district chief united federation. The Minister of State for Education meeting with officials to discuss issues.


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