accomodation in khatu


though there are no hotels in Khatu, there are a large no. of Dharamshalas and Vishram Grihas (VG) fully equipped with boarding and lodging facilities. These are well maintained by various socio-religious organisations. Some of them even have delux rooms with attached bathrooms, geysers, air-coolers and air-conditioners. The boarding is generally free of cost.


Following is the list of some of the prominent Dharamshalas or VGs in and around Khatu.


1. Shree Shyam Seva Mandal.


Two modern VGs, with more than 100 rooms are available. Some rooms with attach bathrooms and air-coolers are also available. Food is available only on Shukla Paksha 11th of every month. However during the Falgun Mela, food is available daily.


2. Shree Shyam Mitra Mandal.


One of the biggest VGs in Khatu. Rooms with air-coolers are also available. The premises is quite large as compared to other VGs. STD/ISD facility is also available.


It is one of the few VGs where food is available throughout the year. Devotees both staying in the VG as well as elsewhere, can have food at Shree Shyam Mitra Mandal.

3. Shree Shyam Panchayati Dharamshala.


Delux & A.C. Rooms are available. Food is mostly available throughout the year.

4. Shree Shyam Kala Bhavan


Rooms with air-coolers are available. Food is available during Falgun Mela. STD/ISD facility is available.

5. Parasramka Guest House

6. Rewadi walon ki Dharamshala

7. Garh walon ki Dharamshala.

8. Haryana Dharamshala

9. Shree Shyam Prem Mandal.

Besides these, hundreds of small and big boarding houses are there in and around Khatu.

Note : Due to Heavy rush during the Falgun Mela, accomodation is very difficult. Thus one should arrange for pre-booking of the rooms by contacting the respective offices of these organisations.

Medical :

  • Govt. Hospital with ambulance facility.
  • Medical Shops
  • Homeopathic Dispensary maintained by Shree Shyam Seva Mandal



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