anna team go for poltics|’Thug’ Ramdev can join Team Anna’s party, Digvijay takes a dig


Taking a dig at Team Anna’s political ambitions, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh today urged Baba Ramdev to join the electoral process or be a part of the newly emerging party of the social activist. Singh also dubbed the yog-guru as a “thug” in his tweet.  Ramdev can join Anna party: Cong

“Although Ramdev is a Thug but I hope he takes a cue from Anna and joins the Political Process. He can form another Party or join Anna’s,” the Congress General Secretary tweeted.

“I welcome Anna’s decision to end their fast to create a political alternative which is the only way in a healthy Democracy. Didnt I predict?,” Singh said.

Government deaf, time to enter politics: Anna

With government refusing to blink, Team Anna on Thursday decided to end its indefinite fast tomorrow and take a plunge into politics. “It is another two years to go to polls in 2018. We have to go to people throughout the country in the next one-and- half years. “Why waste time on fasts? Tomorrow at 5 pm, all fast will end,” Hazare told supporters at Jantar Mantar at the end of an address in which he enunciated the civil society’s approach to providing a political alternative to the current system.

Arvind Kejriwal, whose fast entered the ninth day, however, had a word of caution when he said that it is easy to say about forming an alternative but difficult to get it done. He cited the JP Movement and said that he was worried the alternative should not produce corrupt leaders

However, questions still remained as to what Team Anna would do regarding the political alternative and whether they would launch a party themselves.

Ramdev however refused to comment on Team Anna; stance on entering the political fray.

There were some mixed reactions from the supporters at Jantar Mantar with many of them not supporting the thought of entering politics.

In Pic: Shahnawaz Hussain

In Pic: Shahnawaz Hussain

Will it affect the BJP?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) sought to downplay moves of Team Anna towards forming a “political alternative”, saying the constitution gave everyone a right to form a political party.

Party spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said there were several political parties in the country and anyone could float a political outfit.

“The constitution of India gives everyone a right to form political party,” Hussain  said.
Asked if a political party floated by Team Anna will succeed, he said it was for the people to decide.



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