army force is searching carbines in sikar


Dod Road bypass in Sikar carbines were stolen from the force that leads to one lakh has been announced. Carbines information can be given to the police control room and police officers. The name of that information will be kept confidential. On Sunday the team of police and army are engaged in search of carbines. Used Srci ü C drive, but so far there is no idea of ​​carbines. On the second day, police forces have not registered a case of stolen carbines.

Search of the joint operation
Army and police searched the surrounding farms all day Sunday. Young fields of wheat, gram and onion crops in the middle of the carbines are looking for. Army Col. Bhardwaj and are constantly monitoring the major search Sanjeev Yadav.

Bypass the army camp, officials gathering
Carbines in Sikar on Sunday after losing to Army officials have camped. The Army’s criminal investigation team has reached the Seeker. Geranediyr army camps have started to bypass the unit’s soldiers. There are more than 180 soldiers in the army camp.

Aware of the military intelligence
Army intelligence network has been activated. Secret police, the Sikar Colonel Harendra Mehta’s team arrived Sunday evening.

They say
Who leads the army carbine has announced a reward of one million. Forces have not yet booked. But the skies in search of information on the police carbines. Based on numbers of carbines barrel on Monday will be all the police officers Isiki information.
Gaurav Srivastava, SP, Sikar

Suspicions are some unresolved questions
Yet it has not fixed the carbines were stolen from Dod bypass. Puncture two carbines that the officers ever to be seen, but the way the truck was standing. He can not see into the cabin of the truck sitting in the shop?
Four hours later the police incident report. Fears that the incident occurred somewhere other place and then told police it was four hours to plan?
Men were drunk. There is a fear that the soldiers on the way to the far left are the carbines?
If it is an act of gang personnel and truck drivers may not be possible without the collusion?

And a big question …
Even 24 hours after the event why not register an FIR in this case is the military?


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