around khatushyamji temple in sikar rajasthan


Shyam Kund :



The holy pond near the temple from which the SHISH was retrieved. It is believed that a dip in this pond cures a person from ailments and brings good health.

Shyam Bagichi :

A blessed garden near the temple from where the flowers are picked to be offered to the deity. The great devotee Lt. Aloo Singhji’s Samadhi is also situated in the premises.

Gourishankar Temple :

Shiva temple situated near Shyamji’s temple. It is a legend that the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s soldiers wanted to destroy this temple, and attacked the Shiva Linga with a spear. Fountains of blood appeared from the Shiva Linga, and the soldiers ran away, terrified. One can still see the mark of the spear on the Linga


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