breaking news:girls and villagers on kalyan circle in sikar and sp office


Pain stems from floods, unbridled crime .In such an incident Thursday Nawalgarh road safety within the public who have doubts about its stand. Now a household where the only thing that finally the secret of the Seeker … What is the government system …. When will people overcome problems ….

These questions seek Kalktret the district on Friday was the day crowds flows. Memorandum from morning till evening and resistance – long round performance. Additional District Collector Basudev Sharma chance to leave the abuse and police staff rallied Kalktret. Employees working in the field come boycott. Rosha staff was not handed over security demands Nagrprishad sweeper sweep at the hands with the gang returned to Kalktret.

Scavengers district administration somehow understood – sent dousing the rising incidents of robbery and chalk security systems – seeking to beef rose to complain about the merchant. Chhatrsngtn Meanwhile, students and even Bajayumo isolated cases reached representations. Women and girls Kalktret rally finally came out. SP office like that throw Cudian opposed to women – can be demonstrated that the administration was in a bar.

Angry eyes, heart storm
Storm of anger in the eyes and heart. Soft tablets in hands – the challenge banner and voice.”No spark Flowers, Woman of India”, “Police – Administration behave” like slogans that resonate around women express anger.

Derived from the market rally Jatia women police – fiercely protesting against the administration. Seeker rally organized by women’s organizations in the passion and anger of women who looked taken aback. Female students participated in the rally. Station Road Rally Tapdiya Bgichi reached while. The women protested for some time – performed.

After the rally, human chain in the form of welfare circle turned. The women sat on the road several times during the rally. At the rally, former MLA Princess Sharma, the organization in charge Anita Sharma, Neelam Sharma, Manju Lohia, Pramila Singh, Saroj Kdwasra, Sarita Gujjars, Durga female teacher institute students and Peedita’s mother, including hundreds of women and girls and BJP leader Mahesh Sharma, Pasha ΓΌ The Babulal Sharma, Mishra Subhasha were included.

Police personnel complicating
Women and girls in SP office barged women constables were messed up, running with the rally going with some young men become entangled. SP would go out of control if it has appeared once out of office Lvkumar Kndela youth leader, Baldev Singh altercation occurred between policemen. Collector’s room scuffle women complain to them, saying that we are not criminals. Put the police force against women. The women complained to not let them.

Sir, we will not be punished
City Council officials to misbehave angry – angry employees on Friday came on the road. Council officers – employees continue to work outs performed before Kalktret out rally in the city. Collector and SP nearly an hour-long conversation with the employee organizations, today announced plans to begin operations. Collector also assured security staff.

City Council employees to refuse to work with the masses were suffering. City Council officials – Staff meeting after the staff resources leaders are working hard to give relief to the residents. Nonetheless, some people agitating for their own selfish Council officials – to misbehave with the staff.

After the meeting, about eleven o’clock in the morning as workers rally Bajaj Road, Jatia market, while Tapdiya Kalktret reached Bgichi & Welfare Circle. The employees protesting fiercely against the police and administration. Council Kalktret rally in front of the vehicle involved was about an hour gridlock. Earlier in the afternoon of Wednesday morning, the cleaning staff misbehaved with the Commissioner being angry officers – employees had boycotted work today three hours.

Assume the employee
City Council Commissioner Rajendra Joshi, president of the union Suyprkash Sharma, General Secretary Jankeeprasad Indoria and All India Congress President Rattan Lal Dikiya cleanup workers to talk to several representatives said collector and SP. The staff – officials said we certainly will not be beaten in the wards. Collector and the SP said that if there is any abusive behavior in the ward police report against the people concerned. Also called the police Jabta difficult to perform demanding work.


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