breaking news :new broadgaze work starting in sikar loharu way


Even after 65 years of independence, Sikar and Jhunjhunu district bereft of broad gauge years old by September wings would be a dream. On the rail route from Sikar Loharu Amman change from September to broad gauge track will be closed. The construction of the railway track will be subject to thorough. Lasting about eight months until the end of March in this work is expected to begin train. After closing track from Jaipur to Churu Loharu all the trains have been. Besides the four trains from Jaipur to Churu has been closed.

The trains will stop Seeker. Ten minutes past seven in the morning, p.m., at half the afternoon, at seven in the evening and half the night, twenty nine o’clock the train from Jaipur Loharu will stay in Sikar. Similarly, in Churu morning at eight, twenty three o’clock, five o’clock and two o’clock train to Jaipur, Sikar being said. Ten to twenty minutes after midnight morning Sikar Churu, Sikar Sikar and Churu Churu at 11 and four at four o’clock and evening trains going from Sikar, Churu has been closed.

Roadways will introduce additional buses
Seeker. The broad gauge Jhunjhunun from Jaipur, Pilani Rajasthan State Road Transport for the convenience of passengers, the Corporation is also gearing. Corporation Sikar, Jnujhunun, Shrimadhaopur and Jaipur depot some 50 additional buses will be introduced. Similarly, the private bus operators to launch this route has 30 buses. Passengers traveling on the buses have to hire three times.

Will not be in Sikar trains crossing
Crossing of trains on the broad gauge railway station will now Sikar. Two of the four tracks to broad gauge station will be left vacant. Newsletter to stay on track will be as a Seeker. Meter gauge trains on the same track traffic. The crossing of the railway station will not be any train. The crossing of trains from Jaipur to Churu Laxmangarh and Gorian incoming trains will be placed near the crossing.

Sikar – These trains will be partially canceled between Luharu
Time (Sikar Railway Station)
Morning – 7.10-Jaipur – Luharu
Night – 7:50 pm – Luharu – Jaipur
Noon – 1:35 pm – Jaipur – Luharu
Noon – 12:10 pm – Luharu – Jaipur
Noon – 3.00 pm – Jaipur – Luharu Intercity Express
Day – 10.30 – Luharu – Jaipur Intercity Express
Night – 9:21 pm – Jaipur – Luharu Holly Day Specials
Morning – 6:30 pm – Luharu – Jaipur Holi Day Specials
Night – 2:10 pm – Jaipur – Luharu Holly Day Specials
Night – 2:50 pm – Luharu – Jaipur Holi Day Specials
AM – 11.15 AM – Jaipur – Luharu Holly Day Specials
Pm – 4:10 pm – Luharu – Jaipur


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