BREAKING NEWS: rainy day in sikar distt.


Nearly half an hour of good rains in Sikar city roads were submerged. Jam took to the streets in the absence of water extraction. City depot trisection, Wellness Circle, Station Road, Bajaj Road, Subhash Chowk, Fatehpuri Gate, Salasar Bus Stand, Mociwadha, goat market, several colonies of Fatehpur road roads were submerged. Various towns and villages of the district is the case.

Fatehpur. In towns and villages across the region rimjhim on Monday gave a two-day respite from hot and humid.Here, people involved say that it rained Farming crop will be even more effective.

Shrimadhaopur. Monday morning came at a time of sharp rain zone worries were Astwst Su life. According to information received heavy downpour began at 8.20 in the morning stop – stop and continued until noon. It affects people’s everyday functions. However, Audi had millet crop has begun to rot. Gatmdas village, Kotdi Simarla, Dabawali said the people in the morning came a bit dark. Vigorous water tossed an hour. However, most of this season in Nangal Hurii heavy downpour. Shops and houses were flooded. At 10 am, the school has been discharged.

Ajeetgarh. After four hours of continuous rain in the town’s main market, bus stand shops located, Andesri locality, including homes, schools, water entered. Half a dozen mud houses collapsed. From seven in the morning until 11 am gone round the Government Senior Secondary rain flooded the field and the children had to be discharged.

However, the town Dab blocked water drainage in the area. Water entered houses and shops. Dab the water flow in the area due to a breach in the Senior Secondary School located near Ramakrishna Temple was inundated. Official development ML Rawat people protested in front of the display.

Roofing. Eight o’clock in the morning for an hour Jmajm Hsampur area today. Rampura – Nangal area of Bega water entered many houses. In strong contact with water several villages were almost broken.

Sirohi. Sirohi village and the surrounding areas for nearly an hour lashed cloud. Thanks to brisk clouds rained hour later gradually lasted four hours. Water flows from the main routes villages appeared.

The unabridged dam
Dantaramgdh. Barija strongly on Monday in the village near the rain made for NREGA and watershed dam and pond bacteria were half a dozen. Barija, Gurian, Jawahar Nagar and the surrounding villages began Danion Monday morning’s rain, which continued till late evening. These villages torrential rains for two hours in the morning at nine o’clock. After the rain fell and the Black Hills Mori of irrigation in both unabridged Bang has Risnen Nsurak the water.Dantaramgdh town are limited to sprinkle cloud.

Akshiy lightning
Driving. Nrisinhpuri nearby lightning falling on a house in the village, the family has lost thousands of rupees loss. According to information in the Damodar Singh, son Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat Nrisinhpuri village house on the roof of the house was damaged by lightning. However, fridge, TV, five fans, water Inrwtr watt motor and 1500, including two batteries, computers, water coolers and electric meter and the equipment….


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