breaking news: road problem in sikar (rajasthan)


Heavy rain and raced to the public who will have to eat right on the broken streets. The state government did not approve the proposals for road maintenance contractors come and strike.

Meanwhile, the Public Works Department providing a rain-damaged roads survey report is sent to the state government through the district administration, however, has not yet approved. To fix the roads of the district public building requires around 40 million. Public Works Department, said the contractors, the state has severely damaged the road in the rain. The guarantee period for the department responsible for the repair of roads has been put on the shoulders of contractors. Offended contractors boycotted the previous tenders. Performed by contractors in Jayupr Thursday after talks with high-level officials, but turned out to be no solution.

This rule
Under the rules of the disaster area, more than 100 mm rainfall floods the road are considered broken. Most areas of the district from 150 to 250 mm rainfall. In such a broken streets of the district disaster relief is expected to approve the state level.

Where such damage
Sikar city street has been broken more than 25. Rpa available to the department for nearly three million of the budget is required. 41 In addition to the streets of the town, 258.40 lakhs Laxmangarh, Laxmangarh Panchayat Samiti 70.40 lakh for rural roads 8, the Executive Engineer PWD, Fatehpur Fatehpur and Laxmangarh section area of ​​21 to 248 million rupees and Dantaramgdh area roads 86.90 lakh to Rs 14 should budget for road repair.

250 Broken Road
250 for the repair of roads damaged by the rain of the district administration to issue administrative approval of nearly 40 million proposal was sent to the state government. Mindless authorities claim that the rain will be made after the start. Although the letter has not yet approved the district administration….


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