breaking news:in sikar heavy raining ….Now the disease makes it water!


Now is not the time to rain water drainage, the water is tossed disease. Getting the last three days of steady rain most of the street – in neighborhoods that are still flooded. If it has not been timely evacuation of the water like bacteria, including mosquitoes are likely to flourish. This malaria, chikungunya, typhoid, jaundice and dengue-like illness can wreak havoc.

Medical Department in case of rain subsided on Friday vowed to splash the drug in drains. Many areas of the district health center including Laxmangarh itself is submerged in water. To avoid such diseases in the public who will bear the responsibility.

Nanny district, Sikar town Cailasi and many schools were inundated due to rains Thursday. Nani entered the water at the medical center of the village. The villagers attempted to remove the water, but the water late into the night.

Keep these precautions
If water does not collect around the house. Lighted in the water to prevent mosquitoes entering the oil.
Neighborhood clean – cleaning special note.
Due to changes in the weather at night run the fan only when needed.
Keep Dhkkr water and filtering the PA.
Soaked in water at least. Avoid wearing wet clothes.


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