breaking news:sikar fight heavy raining problem


The rain of the last four days of the city Mociwadha, Bucyani, Ktikan and Roshnganj parish life is halted. Leaving all your work area more than a thousand families are trying to remove water just got into the house. Let us just say that these families food – water should not be just to get water from homes.

More than 500 homes in the area, the food is not made in the last two days. Administration’s best efforts, many families could not pack food on Friday. Is arranged in such people on their level.

Asked by the volunteers during this problem, food – do not eat for two days then no problem, but the water did not die then smothered in those houses. Area of ​​the district administration, the Lions Club Sniraij Swnysevkon national volunteer association distributed food packets. Worker organizations in the city went out Friday morning at eight o’clock. The first worker in various localities and to address the problem. The problem of food and milk on its own distributed relief materials. This is the magazine correspondent with various social organizations and representatives of the public who felt pain.

Water itself are removed
People in many localities of the city council of the city rather than sitting trust is involved in water extraction. Bucyani area two to three feet of rain in the morning flooded. In such localities people dig themselves in many places the water chamber opening and removed cleanly. The main routes by colonies of Fatehpur Road area, to prevent water from place to place – put dirt bag.


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