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In the age of globalization, difference in languages should not become a barrier in communication. Keeping this fact in mind various institutions have started offering foreign language courses. Multinational companies have started investing in the Indian market in huge proportions. These MNCs needs their reports, transactions and other documents to be translated. This is another reason why foreign language courses are gaining in popularity.


There are several universities and other institutes offering courses on foreign languages. The major languages on which these courses are offered are French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Chinese. However, candidates need to satisfy the eligibility criteria for getting admission to the courses available.

In this present era of liberalization and globalization, learning of foreign languages is an additional boost to an individual who would like to develop his career and move forward in life. The courses on foreign languages taught in India help in improving the proficiency of individuals by imparting detailed knowledge to them on grammar and structure of the language. Once these individuals are trained in one or more foreign languages they are ready for job opportunities in diverse fields.

Scope in India
Individuals trained in foreign languages can find jobs in the following sectors within India:

* Diplomatic Services
* As teachers
* As translators in industries, Government Sectors and Research Organizations.
* As interpreters
* As Tourist Guides
* As Air Hostesses and Flight Stewards
* In hotels, in various levels of hotel management
* As Freelancers
* As Public Relation Officers.

Scope Abroad
Foreign language experts can find jobs in multinational companies outside India. The UNO appoints foreign language experts for six international languages through an entrance examination. International organizations also hire translators. Trained individuals can find jobs as interpreters in international seminars as well.

Nature of work – Opportunities for regular employment are few; attaining professional qualification in foreign languages, one can work in the following areas:

Teaching– The most common of all the available career options in foreign language is teaching language. As a teacher, a person gets enough opportunities to increase the skills.

Interpreters and translators– Interpreters and translators both need to have a good command over two or more languages, therefore need to have not only good command over the language but have excellent verbal communication skills as well. Translation work can be related to a variety of fields like technical, scientific, literary or business. Translators work on books, scripts, articles and translate those into specified languages.

Freelancing– Often, after pursuing courses in foreign languages, people like to work as freelancers. These people get work in translation bureaus, research organisations, international organisations like the United Nations Organisation (UNO), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), foreign companies, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), publishing houses etc


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