career in journlism


journalism in India has a very vital role to play. India is the world’s biggest democracy and free and vibrant press is an essential organ of any democracy.
Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. This involves various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news items.


Journalism is classified into three on the basis of media

1. Print Journalism

This is the traditional form of journalism and includes persons working in newspapers and magazine. The print journalism work can be broadly divided into two streams: the field and the desk.

Field Work: In large newspapers and magazines each field worker has a special assignment. There are journalists assigned to cover political issues, corporate affairs, sports, fashion etc.

Desk Work: With in the offices of newspapers and magazines is the news desk where sub-editors or copyeditors process these stories for presentation with headlines. It is their responsibility to see that the story is objective and has no personal bias.

2. Electronic Journalism

Electronic communication technology has revolutionized the mass communication system. Now a days a large number of news channels have proliferated and there are significant job opportunities in the field of electronic journalism. In electronics journalism jobs can be divided into reporting, anchoring, and production. Good personality and excellent communication skills are required to make a mark in electronic journalism.

3. Web Journalism

The penetration of internet has given birth to a new breed of journalism known as web journalism. Web journalists create content for internet.

Some of the personal characteristics that journalists need to have is road based education, good general knowledge, keen interest in current affairs, and a style of writing that is accurate, readable, and informed


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