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Looking for a Career Option in the Field of Public Relations ?

Public Relation is a management function that involves monitoring and evaluating public attitudes and maintaining mutual relations and understanding between an organisation and its public. Public could include shareholders, government, consumers, employees and the media. It is the act of getting along with people we constantly come in touch with. Its first objective is to improve channels of communication and to establish new ways of setting up a two-way flow of information and understanding.


Public relations as a separate career option has came into existence when lots of private or government companies and institution felt the need to market their product, service and facilities. Public image is important to all organisations and prominent personalities.
The role of public relation specialist becomes pertinent in crisis situations when the correct and timely transmission of information can help save the face of the organisation.

In terms of career opportunities, Public relations is broadly practiced for product publicity, corporate publicity, to have better relations with the government, to publish corporate publications like newsletter, bulletins, magazines for employees etc.

Personal factor

1. The PR personnel must have an analytical mind, farsightedness and the ability to handle crises. The job demands an alert mind for planning, defence and guarding the image of the firm, person or product.
2. A good command over language is required for preparing news releases, leaflets, reports, articles and effective oral
communication skills to make press briefings, hold meetings, conferences and presentations.
3. Good organisational skills and the ability to handle a number of tasks simultaneously. Ability to appreciate suggestions from others is essential for effective functioning.
4. Resilience, a good sense of humour, patience and diplomacy are assets for PR professionals


Bachelors degree in any discipline preferably with social sciences, liberal arts and humanities is required to take up a course in this field. There are diploma as well as post graduate diploma courses in Public relations. Duration of most the courses is of one year.
Apart from this there are also short term certificate courses. Most training programmes in Advertising also includes public relations.
Some institutes have entrance exams while others prefer admission on merit basis.

These courses mainly cover areas like public relations principles and techniques, public relations management and administration, including organizational development, writing, emphasizing news releases, proposals, annual reports, scripts, speeches, and related items, visual communications, including desktop publishing and computer graphics, and research, emphasizing social science research and survey design and implementation.

Public Relations courses

1. Course In Advertising & Public Relations
2. Course In Basic Public Relations
3. Course In Basic Image Management
4. Degree Course In Public Relations
5. Diploma In Public Relations
6. Diploma In Communication, Journalism and Public Relations
7. Master’s Degree In Journalism And Public Relations
8. Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism, Public Relations And Advertising
9. Post Graduate Diploma In Public Relations
10. Post Graduate Diploma In Public Relations And Advertising
11. Programme In Image Management


Public relation officers can find employment in the corporate sector, public sector, government agencies, tourist agencies, hotels, banks and other financial institutions, private consultancy firms etc. Nowadays they can find work even with individuals like political figures, models and film stars who want their pictures, profiles and interviews published in magazines and need agents who can do the work for them so as to have a image in front of general public. Public relation officers can find employment in the corporate sector, public sector, government agencies, tourist agencies, hotels, banks and other financial institutions, private consultancy firms etc


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