Raghunathji temple in sikar distt. rajasthan

An ancient Temple of Shree Raghunathji having approx. 350 Bighas agricultural land gifted by Sikar Jagir Rao Raja Shiv Singh (1721/1748) to Mahant Maharaj...

Ganeshwar in neemkthana sikar (rajasthan)

‘Ganeshwar (गणेश्वर)”’ is an ancient village in ] tahsil in Sikar district of ]. It is 15 km from ] in south.   == History == ]...

shakambhari mata temple in sikar rajasthan

Shakambhari (शाकम्भरी) is an incarnation of Ishwari, consort to shiva.She is the divine mother, ‘The Bearer of the Greens’. In Sanskrit it consists of...

gopinathji temple in sikar rajasthan

                  GopinathDevnagari: गोपीनाथ) is a form of the Hindu. godKrishna.He is also known as Gopinathji or Gopinathji Maharaj. Gopinath is associated with gopis (cow-

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