Desi Boyz film makers in serious trouble


When it comes to Bollywood films, issues of copyright infringement is nothing new! Films like “Om Shanti Om”, “Jannat 2”, “Rockstar”, “RA.One” have already gone through the hazards due to copyright infringement issues. Now the latest flick to join the list of such films is “Desi Boyz” by Rohit Dhawan, which released last year. And it is the director and scriptwriter of the film Shyam V Devkatte, who has filed the copyright case against the film makers last year.

The story of Shyam and his script is a well-read one, but let me reiterate once more for the readers. Back in 2008, he emailed his story to Eros International. His story was registered with the Writers’ Association too. And one fine day, the said story was used for “Desi Boyz” though Shyam had the least knowledge of his story being used for the film. After he came to know, all these propelled him to file a case at the Amboli Police Station under sections 63 and 64.

That is not all, Shyam Devkatte also also lodged a complaint at Metropolitan Magistrate Court and forwarded it to Zonal DCP. However Eros International managed to get stay orders. But Shyam is determined to take the battle to the very next level. Therefore the next step was that a bailable warrant was issued against Krishika Lulla who is the producer of Eros. A summon was also sent from the court to the director of “Desi Boyz”. When Shyam was contacted he said, the producers of the film Jyoti Deshpande and Vijay Ahuja will go through enquiry conducted by the police. He also added that the earlier plea made by the film makers of “Desi Boyz” has been already dismissed by the court.

Shyam Devkatte mentioned that at the last two hearings of the court, none from the film’s crew were present to attend the hearing. So yesterday evening, Amboli Police Station has issued an arrest warrant, since the past two summons yielded no response from the makers of the movie. When Krishika Lulla was contacted, she refrained from making any kind of comments, and just told that she is travelling at present, so will look into the case only after she comes back.

“Desi Boyz” is a comedy flick which stars Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh. Sanjay Dutt has a guest role in the film too. The film was released in 2018 on 25th of November.


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