Examination form will be filled in Rajasthan University


Six months after the government announced the establishment of the university due to the Shekhawati Sikar and Jhunjhunu district youth this year Biswvidyaaly Rajasthan, Jaipur will fill the examination form. If our Shekhawati University, the University Examination form as soon as it comes into being and will be refunded.

But the installation is not required to be the oldest university examinations. Experts say that the exam is just six months. University of Shekhawati has not started yet. Such a challenge is to test this season. However, higher education has been constantly claims to establish new universities soon.

Affiliate will start work
To test the next season of affiliation with University colleges will start working. Then, according to first-year students will prepare for the exam. Currently studying in second and third year students who will test has not made a decision about this.

Now it remains to be

Temporary Building
Temporary building has not cleared the proposal. Prshurampuria Ayurveda College in Sikar District Education and Training Central, SK college dorm university to be established.

VC and Staff
OSD has just been appointed to the VC and other staff have been appointed. 55 officers in our universities – University staff on deputation from the village.

Building Construction
OSD budget allocated to the university, the government will begin construction of the new building will have to be on the ground. University, the Government has already announced five million.

Happened yet
Ordinance approval of the Governor
Appointed OSD
Shekhawati selecting land for university
Temporary building designed to offer


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