fair and festivals in jeenmata temple sikar rajasthan


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    Jeen mata fair 2018 | jeen mata mela 2018 | jeen mata 2018 mela in sikar(rajasthan)


    in the Navaratras (Nine sacred days) of Chaitra and also of Ashwin, people come in large numbers to visit this temple and have a glimpse of the deity. Some people perform Navaratra worship here. Shard Poornima and Phalgun Harsh Bhairva fair also holds a great attraction.


    Morning Time: from 4.00 am Evening Time: till 10.00 pm


    Custom & Traditions of Temple

    On the eighth day of the bright half every month, devotees visit the temple in large numbers. Infants are brought for symbolic hair shearing and married couples come to pay their homage throughout the year. Mangala Aarati is performed at 4.00 am, and two main Aaratis are performed at 8.00 am and 7.00 pm as per the sunset timing. Every year on sharad poornima, the yearly rotation of the  set of  priests is  made. It is this set of Priests that gets the charge of conducting the daily Pujas and other chores of the Mata for one year.

    This place is 29 kms. From Sikar off the Bikaner – Jaipur National Highway. Jeen and Harsha are mentioned as sister and brother in the folk literature and stories of their mutual affection and affection and sacrifice are very popular in the Shekhawati region. Lakh of devotees congregate here every year in April- May (Chaitra Navaratra) during the Jeen Mata fair.



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