The Muslim Kayamkhani Nawab, Fatehkhan established Fatehpur in 1451. He constructed the fort of Fatehpur in 1449 and ruled up to 1474.[1] It served as the capital of Fateh Khan, the Muslim Nawab. Fatehkhan’s eldest son was Jalalkhan, who founded the village Jalalsar at a distance of 10 km south of Fatehpur. After death of Fatehkhan in 1474, Jalalkhan became the Nawab of Fatehpur. Jalakhan was a warrior and kind Nawab.

He had left the Fatehpur bid (forest land) for the purpose of grazing of animals.[2]
Shekhawat Rajputs took it over in the 18th century.Sanjasar is small village of fatehpur shekhawati near godia bada. aal cast live in sanjasar mostly cast are budania, charan, ganjir, sharma etc. At the time of Jalalkhan business of making BANGLES of LAKH is very famous .Some followers are also fullfill this demand at present time ,persons which are involved in this buisness are called “LAKHARA”or “MANIYAR”.


These bangles are very beautiful made by lakharas in fatehpur shekhawati.”SAKRI GALI”(name of market)is very famous market for bangles.FATEHMOHAMMED LAKHARA S/O HAJI YUSUF is very famous businessmen of lakh.These bangles are sign of old culture of fatepur.







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