breaking news: Gutkha probe specific campaign today


Pan masala, gutkha and other food products, including nicotine or tobacco vendors Monday against the state government will be launching the seven-day special investigation. This campaign will be run under the supervision of the District Collector. Jaipur must submit information on the actions taken during the day.

Mukycikitsa and Health Officer BL Saini said two special operations teams have been constituted under the medical department. Three of them – including three employees. The team will work under the direction of Subsection authorities.

Neemkathana a team, Shrimadhaopur, Kndela, Ringus area and second team Sikar, Fatehpur, Laxmangarh will take action in the area. SFO Ratan Godara said the campaign will be the sampling of pan masala containing nicotine.


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