heavy raining in rajasthan|now rajasthan fight heavy raining


Continuously pour water emanating from the scene of devastation in the heart of pain, fear and resentment in the eye is filled. Overflowing awe clouds. Indignation to the system. Pain, fewer of Ashiana. Wednesday night, thousands of people spent the leaky roof and knee-infested waters. Who fell asleep at night. She also could not avoid getting struck by the scene. People were staring all day waiting for victim relief. Relief arrived at the mouth of the camel like cumin. Administrative authorities of the openings, but the leaders did not see red

Dilemma in the days, nights spent in the eye
Roasting consecutive drops havoc as three days has created the circumstances in the flood zone. Sikar town at three o’clock in the afternoon the rain ceased. If a few more hours of rain water flood havoc in the city. Continuing from the last two nights lasted Jmajm rainy day the people did not even sleep. Saturday night at the city began a round of heavy rain in the morning until nine o’clock.

The emphasis of rain had something light so people were relieved. Later turned round again and continued until the afternoon. Wednesday night, from 11 pm to 9 hours of Thursday morning at eight o’clock to three 218 mm and 49 mm spilled water. Karigran parish cemetery located in one of the city were flooded and ward number. Karigran flood wall broke in the parish cemetery. Flooded within three feet. Many tombs also collapsed.

Since 1968 such a havoc
Seeker of rain in the city since 1968 have slaughtered. Prbhudyal Jain said that 44 years ago in the city state became inundated by floods. Then two days of continuous rain, seven – eight houses were falling and six men were killed. In 1980 there was a heavy rain.

Look, such floods
Magazine team visited these villages was reduced to water logging. But those moments of flooding was preserved. Flooding in the village by village Anju Fkirpura situation was saved on your laptop. She had your camera Rikardi ü c.

Sikar rain
Kumawat hostel, on the verge of falling Nawalgarh Road, authorities evacuated the building
Nawalgarh road, water entered hundreds of houses, many houses fall.
Railway line steeped in water, crawling – crawl is running train
The administration began relief work in flooded areas distributed food packets
Dharmana Muktidham water in the way, the body was taken to the tractor.
Lower settlements submerged
Drop houses in Dujod
Idgah near the water, dropped a house in the area of ​​Ghulam Hussain.
Down four houses in the neighborhood of potters.
Neemkathana boundary wall of the school fell three places in the area
Ranoli continued flow of water in the river, near Ajbpura firas evacuated homes in the catchment areas of the dam.
Plsana toppled houses, accident averted
Necwa houses in construction fell. Water entered many houses, apartments in Jajod fall. Sevd water on the road. Faglwa water entered the post office.


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