How to Index a Website/Blog in Google Search in 24 Hrs


When I was a newbie, I submitted to many search engines to let my new website indexed by Google and other search engines. But it took a long time just to see my new website to be placed into their index (about 6 weeks or even more).

You created a web site over a month ago and expected Google to index it pretty quickly. Much to your dismay, however, the site hasn’t been indexed yet. When you type the name of your site into the Google search engine, nothing comes up. This is quite frustrating to you because it means that your site cannot be found by internet users. Your site is, essentially, missing. What if, however, you could get indexed by Google not in a week, not in a few days, but in 24 hrs?

Here is how to get your new site indexed quickly. With lots of new websites pouring into the Internet on a daily basis, it is absolutely crucial that you, as a webmaster of time, invested in your site, are indexed. And harder still is the task of getting this back spiders and crawl your content on a regular basis. But it is possible to get your new site crawled, indexed, and get frequent visits from search engines.

But now I know how to getting listed in Google in under 24 hours. I have proved it.

What, then, can you do to get indexed by Google quickly? There are actually a few things you can do, each of which are pretty effective and can lead to getting your site listed in as little as 24 hours. Try all of them and see the positive results it brings.

How to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours

1. Create your website. :-
so first of all you need a website/blog that’s in form of .com , .in, .org, co etc. designed it and post contents on this new wordpress/blogger site.

There are many blogging platform which offers user to create Free Blogs. If you are looking for free blog creation, my suggestion would be start blogging from or and once he is use to Blogging, he should go more professional with his own self hosted WordPress blog.

BlogSpot let you create a Free blog but comes with it’s own limitation, but as I mentioned above, for a starter it’s a good idea to create a Blog and get the hitch of Blogging.

2. Register an account in Google Webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a free web service by Google. It allows you to check indexing status and crawl rate of your blog. It will help you to understand what’s going on with your blog.

The first thing you need to do is verify your blog ownership in Google webmaster tools. Then you’ll have to submit your blog sitemap to GWT.
3. Submit your website there and take meta verification tag or download the meta verification file and upload it to the root of your website server.

4. Now, if you have posted some topics on your website then create a sitemap of your website and submit sitemap to Google Webmasters tool.

For wordpress It’s Looking like :- .sitemap.xml format

and for blogger sites it’s :- atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
5. Fetch your website to Google webmaster tools.

6. Add addthis tool Sharing plugin/widget to your each website posts or at a common place in the website.

7. Open your posts one by one and start submitting,if possible, all of them to,, . These are the top 3 bookmarking websites from which you will get more traffic than other bookmarking websites.

8. Search about similar website based on your niche in google, and leave a comment with your website url . Do not try to spam their website. If you will leave a good comment then you can usually get many backlinks in future too. Otherwise, you will be marked as a spammer.


9. Now, Start posting articles on your website and do the same follow.

10. After 24 hours, just search in Google about your website URL. You will see many websites showing your website link and you will also see your website URL listed in top 10 list.

 11.Create or Update Social Profiles – As mentioned previously, crawlers get to your site via links. One way to get some quick links is by creating social networking profiles for your new website or adding a link to your new website to pre-existing profiles. This includes Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, Google+ profiles or pages, LinkedIn profiles or company pages, Pinterest profiles, and YouTube channels.
12.Share Your New Website Link – Once you have added your new website link to a new or pre-existing social profile, share it in a status update on those networks. While these links are nofollow, they will still alert search engines that are tracking social signals. For Pinterest, pin an image from the website and for YouTube, create a video introducing your new website and include a link to it in the video’s description.
13. Setup Your RSS with Feedburner – Feedburner is Google’s own RSS management tool. Sign up or in to your Google account and submit your feed with Feedburner by copying your blog’s URL or RSS feed URL into the “Burn a feed” field. In addition to your sitemap, this will also notify Google of your new blog and each time that your blog is updated with a new post.
14.Submit to Blog Directories –you can submit your RSS feed and blog to. This will help you build even more incoming links. If you aren’t ready to do them all, at least start with Technorati as it is one of the top blog directories. Once you have a good amount of content.15.That means that when Google visits the site and sees a link to your site on it, they’ll go to yours and then list it. Links, as you know, practically always increase rankings in search engines because there are more chances for the spiders to visit your site. So don’t ignore links and how they play a role in getting listed quickly.
Once we have done this, we will visit many of the popular article directories on the web, and we will simply submit our article to those directories. Once they have added our article and link to their site, the search engines will visit their website, and then follow all the links on their site.

I am very much sure that if you will follow all these 14 points then your website will be indexed in the google search engine within 24 hours.

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    • dear tej. you can create sitemap by helping some plugins in wordpress.

      and in blogger you can use feed addres as sitemap like :- atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

      copy upper codes and paste on google webmastet tool sitemap option page…



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