How to use Google Person Finder Tool for help Survivors of Nepal Earthquake 2018


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Google is helping to connect survivors with worried relatives after a catastrophic earthquake rocked Nepal Saturday morning. The People Finder tool, which Google first introduced in January 2010 after an earthquake hit Haiti, uses a database of missing persons fueled by crowdsourced information from individuals and organizations to help people check the status of friends or relatives after a disaster.

How to Use Google Person Finder to Locate Loved Ones After a Disaster

now let’s see a qucik how to tips and trickes to use of Person finder tool by project. for locate your friends, fans, relatives, or other loved human of yours.

How to use Google Person Finder Tool for help Survivors of Nepal Earthquake 2018

The Person Finder tool, a missing persons database supplied with crowdsourced data, is intended to help people find those who were affected by the earthquake.

It’s scary to imagine your loved ones missing when a natural calamity strikes. 

The service is aimed at getting crucial information about the victims of the calamity, and helping rescue teams find them.

Google Person Finder Tool for help Survivors of Nepal Earthquake 2018

The “I’m looking for someone” feature that helps you discover about your loved one.

The data has been made available to the public and is easily accessible. The service was initiated by volunteer Google engineers in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

More than 1,300 have been counted dead after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake destroyed much of Kathmandu. Damage has extended to India, Bangladesh and Tibet, and at least 1,700 people have been injured.

Google Person Finder gathers information from responders and individuals, who can upload information for a missing person or someone who has been found, helping people locate each other. The search giant has deployed the tool before in times of disaster.

help Survivors of Nepal Earthquake 2018

If someone has entered information about that person in the Google Person Finder, then you’ll see the details about what they typed in. This could be a first responder that used the Google system to report that “xx was hurt but not seriously injured in the Earthquake. Treated and brought to xxxx hospital.” Or local friends could have reported that the person was hurt, but that they’re alive and well.

where visitors can either look for someone or share information about someone in the affected areas. The tool can also be accessed via SMS by texting “search <name>” to +91-9773300000 in Nepal or India, or to +1 650-800-3978 in the U.S.

As of Monday afternoon, about 5100 records had been uploaded.

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