aboutkhatu shyam ji in sikar distt rajasthan


The temple is constructed of pure white Makrana marble and is an example of unique architecture. The idol is in form of a head “SHISH” which appeared in the holy pond as Shyam Kund. The “SHISH” was retrieved and was instituted in the temple.


The temple is managed by Sewak Parivar.

Temple Timings :

During Winter :
(Ashwin Badi 1 to Chaitra Sudi 15)


5.30 am. to 1.00 pm.
4.00 pm. to 9.00 pm.

During Summer :
(Baisakh Badi 1 to Bhadrapad Sudi 15)


4.30 am. to 12.30 pm.
4.00 pm. to 10.00 pm.

Note :
The temple is open 24 hrs. during every Shukla Paksha 11th.
Also, the temple is open throughout the Falgun Mela from Falgun Sudi 10th to 12th.

Aarti Timings :

Aarti Winter Summer
Mangla Aarti 05.45 am 04.45 am.
Pratah (Morning) Aarti (Shringar) 08.00 am. 07.00 am.
Bhog Aarti 12.30 pm 12.15 pm.
Sandhya (Evening) Aarti 06.00 pm 07.30 pm.
Shayan (Sleep) Aarti 09.00 pm 10.00 pm.

The timings are subject to change according to circumstances


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