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Mark in the hands of the faithful, each side of Baba Jaykare, shake in stores – the man sing. With such an environment Khatu Fair began on Tuesday. More than 50 thousand devotees of Baba in court Teka forehead. So far, the number of devotees has crossed three million. The fair will fill the four March.
Fair than this time last year, more than half a million pilgrims are expected to. According to administrative data, last year nearly 20 million devotees made by proxy at the court of Baba. Baba appeared in court because of the large crowd also seems to be. Market has been dressed up. Jaykare Baba devotees are reaching the Khatushyamji.
Rings of devotees to the Khatushyamji line is engaged. Rings of devotees among the Khatushyamji water, shikanj, tea and breakfast place – the place is too late? Imposed by black and white faithful devotees, most types of persuasion are served. Rings between the Khatushyamji Shyam Shyam devotees for devotees to avoid any problems carpet is laid.


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