latest news:gurjers are ready with other caste of sbc for struggle


Gujjars for five per cent reservation for backward classes in particular in SBC now with all races will clash. Under the Special Joint Struggle Committee has reservations, the Gujjars, Rabari, Banjara and blacksmith trains have included representatives of nations.

Congress state vice president Hari Mahuva, Athar Singh Badana, Ksana Deoki Nandan Kaka and Amar Singh told a press conference that the four nations shared together as a class struggle will be decisive. For reservations Badana the SBC strategy to determine Mahapanchayat convened on September 5 Jagdish Dham Camry. The Mahapanchayat strategy will determine the agitation. Book before September 3 to lead the leaders called to discuss the issue. Including Colonel Basla is invited.

BJP – Congress to clear stand on reservation SBC Badana the Congress and the BJP to clarify its stand. Leader of the Opposition Vasundhara Raje, the BJP and its stand clear. They do not understand that Congress angered by Gujjar automatically will go to the party.

SBC Mahuva unbearable silence of the government’s five per cent said that the government’s silence is unbearable. Who is the government to collect data. SBC now four nations will struggle together as a class. To awaken the sleeping four races we have now decided together to fight for reservations.

Make no classification of class struggle in the name of Congress Devaki Nandan Kaka Rajsamand district chief said we want to reserve 5% of SBC. Classification of the OBC reservation not to trick hinders SBC reservation. The government wants to create a state of the class struggle. SBC to implement the Government’s five per cent.

Federation of Indian Public Services Mplaij uttered not ask for the movement to the country’s five million workers have demanded the same salary commission. Water House on Saturday at the National Committee of the Federation meeting agreed to the three demands of the central government. Not accept the demands of the situation in the country has decided to movement.

Federation President VP Premchand Mishra and national general secretary, said the same salary commission, contract practice over the old finish and apply new pension scheme will be put before the Centre’s three demands. The All India Federation of State Employees Joint Chief Mahendra Singh entire administrative structure that places the trust of employees engaged on contract running. Is not only a breach of confidentiality, but the workers are being exploited.Meeting in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh state employees including leaders were present….


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