now jaipur to sikar journey is costly


Jaipur – Sikar journey from March next year will be expensive. Jaipur – Sikar Forlen the construction would be two toll plazas.The amount of toll collection from vehicles as the decision to the Ministry of Road Transport Authority and the Union.

The two fly-overs will
In the first Rings Baruji turn the other will be in Ramukabas in Sikar. Rings has begun work on the railway bridge. The bridge is also being Forlen. River falling in the same way – to make drainage work continues on the bridge.

So the task
Jaipur – 52 km of the Rings has become Forlen about 38 km. Rings – Sikar widened the road to the logging and excavation is underway.

These companies work
Forlen building construction under the direction of the National High Way Authority Jaipur – Sikar is divided between the two pieces. Jaipur – Rings of the 52 kilometers Forlen Reliance JR Toll Road Private Limited is. This company has been targeted for completion February 2018. Completed after the company fixed rate government vehicles will start charging the toll. Rings of 43-km from Sikar the GR Infrastructure Private Limited have been. Read Jaipur ञch page 12
The company last Forlen construction started on March 5, 2018. This company has been the target of 30 months to complete. The company also will begin work in September 2018 after the toll charge.

Plsana will bypass the
Having constructed the route will cut Forlen Plsana town. National High Way Authority Plsana Forlen remove from out of town. Plsana the town the day will get rid of the problem of being blocked.


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