breaking news for cinelovers: now night show till 10:30 pm


Are out of the house at night, you’ll have to make up with your identity. You can not be wandering the streets late at night for no reason. If you are found to be moving, will tell you a reason to hang out. Is not justified because the police can stop you. If you come out of the trip will show the ticket.

In addition Takij running nightly show will also end up at half past ten. In winter it will be up at half past nine. The police has sent a proposal to the District Collector. Sent in motion citing criminal activities in the city collector has been urged to pass the motion.

The decision took account
Police said that the cinema hall in the nightly show ends at 12.Deserted places suspicious and criminal tendency to wander after a late night person seeing the opportunity to commit the crime. People make such a support ticket to the cinema. It has therefore been proposed….


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