OMG will be loved by the censor board


Even before the film’s release, Paresh Rawal starrer “Oh My God” had received a red flag from the censor board intially. The Censor Board found the trailer of the film to be having some objectionable contents, espcially in the first few minutes of the trailer. The censor senses red in the first few minutes of the trailer, where actor Paresh Rawal is seen addressing the Hindu Gods and Goddesses as “Bodybuilder Hanuman” for Hanuman ji, then “Bade pet wale Ganpati” as Ganapati ji, and “Tigerwali”. The Censor Board is really very much worried about the matter.

In the film “Oh My God” superstar Akshay Kumar has a special appearance, he plays the role of Lord Krishna in the film. Director of the film Umesh Shukla in an interview told that the Censor Board had have some preconceived notions about the film OMG, the board held the opinion that the movie is against religions and God, but Umesh ji says that the thought is entirely untrue. The film maker holds the media’s false reports and hearsay to be responsible for such developments of wrong preconceived notions.

Umesh Shukla says that after explaining and discussing about the film “Oh My God” to the Censor Board, they have understood the concept of the film. Now finally we can see the trailer of the film fully in an uncut version. He made the Censor Board to agree with his view point after long hours of detailed discussion and explanation, and Umesh even showed the certificate issued by the Censor Board for his play on the same story. All these finally convinced the censor board!

Umesh play’s name is “Kishan Vs Kanhaiyaa” which was a massive hit, and the theatrical also starred Paresh Rawal. Umesh Shukla added that whenever Indians and/or Hindus hear the term ‘bodybuilder’ we visualise the picture of Hanuman ji only, and not superstar macho man Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film is not made to demean the Hindu deities at all, it is not against the relegion. The Censor Board even complimented and congratulated the film maker for making a film on such an enlightening concept. Umesh says he is certain the Censor Board will love the film.

“Oh My God” is a comedy flick, where Paresh Rawal plays the lead role, and in the film Mithun Chakravarthy is also present, while Akki will be seen in a guest appearance. The flick is made on a Gujrati play named “Kanji Viruddh Kanji”. It also took inspiration from Shukla’s Hindi play which starred Paresh Rawal. In the film, we will get to see actress Sonakshi Sinha and choreographer-director Prabhu Deva in a special item number “Go Govinda”. The film also features Mahesh Manjrekar, Govind Namdeo and Nidhi Subaiah to name a few. The film is produced by Akshay Kumar.

The song “Go Govinda” has received already positive responses from the audience. The music of the film has been composed by Himesh Reshammiya and the lyrics are written by Shabbir Ahmed. The film is set to be released on 28th of September this year.


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