Raghunathji temple in sikar distt. rajasthan


An ancient Temple of Shree Raghunathji having approx. 350 Bighas agricultural land gifted by Sikar Jagir Rao Raja Shiv Singh (1721/1748) to Mahant Maharaj of Temple with Tamra Patra. Rao Raja Shiv Singh was very strong ,clever, courageous and bold, Religious he completed many forts and palaces of sikar. Shiv Singh was the most prominent Rao Raja of Sikar.He was a religious man. The famous Temple of Raghunathji at Katrathal was got erected by him. Shiv Singh was a great State builder, mighty warrior, a great lover of the art of the painting and architectures. After Shiv Singh his successors were Rao Samrath Singh, Rao Nahar Singh & Rao Chand Singh, Rao Devi Singh ascended the throne of Sikar after Chand Singh. He was a great warrior and ruled over Sikar very efficiently.


The forts of Raghunathgarh and Deogarh were built by him and also founded Ramgarh Shekhawati. It was the during the reign of Devi Singh that Sikar became a strong power in Shekhawati. The magnificent Temple of Raghunath Ji and Hanuman Ji bear the witness that he was a great worshipper of Gods and Goddesses. He was so popular that his period is called the golden rule of Sikar. He died in the year 1795. Devi Singh’s son Rao Raja Laxman Singh Ji was also a great warrior.

Some Jat Community (Specially Garhwals) believe that this temple was prepared by their ancestors. Villagers believe in this temple & its Mahant very much.


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