Shudra The Rising movie review and full story


Shudra The Rising movie review

Shudra -the rising (2018) शुद्र – द राईजिंग
Release Date: 19 October 2018

Cast: Gauri Shankar, Shaji Chaudhary, Vijay Shukla, Kirran Sharad, Pravin Baby, Mahesh Balraj, Aaref Rajput, Priya Annatram,Shabaj Baweja, Sattyam Chaunhan, Radha Srivastav, Habib Aazmi, Ashok Pathak, Sabri Khan
Direction: Sanjeev Jaiswal
Production: Sanjeev Jaiswal
Music: Jaan Nissar Love

Shudra The Rising movie intro:-

A story of 250 million people subjugated in war and condemned to slavery and bestial existence for ages. These peace loving & imprudent people of ancient times were usurped by more aggressive and acquisitive group of men and societies.
It is believed that nature took ages to make man out of animal, but it took moments for certain men to make their fellow humans animals again.
The movie show cases the cruelty of the times and entrapment of justice in rigid and lifeless caste structures.

The story of Bala, Madhav, Badri, Bheru victims of oppression and soldiers of uprising. Their revolt against the inhuman atrocities carries the first seeds of resistance, which fortunately the winds of time have preserved.

The movie highlights the struggle of this class of people right from their basic needs of food, water, medicine to the more human needs of freedom, dignity and respect.
An out caste man ‘Shudra’ dies for want of a gulp of water, a child is publicly violated for uttering holy mantras, a pregnant woman is forced in to physical submission, a wounded man dies in need of medicine, all for one crime only…….born in the caste of Shudra the Rising…..
A poignant tale of misery, hopelessness, doom and finally an outburst of rebellion with apocalyptic consequences……

Shudra the Rising…. highlights the depths to which evil human mind can Succumb to cling on to power and supremacy.
A historical reminder of the dangers of division and segregation, issues which are as relevant today as it was then.

Shudra The Rising music review:-

musis review soon updated here………



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