sikar (rajasthan) face heat in these summer days


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sikar very hot in these days :-

Temperature in Northern India on sunday cross 45 degrees Celsius at several places affecting normal life in the region. Rajasthan’s churu was the hottest place in the region with temperature touching 47 degree C. The national capital recorded a high of 44 deg C while mercury in parts of Punjab and Haryana shot up to 46 deg C. Rajasthan reeled under severe heat wave as temperature in Churu recorded 47.6 deg C. Kota, Sriganganagar, Bikaner, Jaipur and Barmer recorded 46.2, 45.7, 45, 44.6 and 44.5 deg C respectively.

Nautpa have 10 days to go before the start, but the city has begun firing badly. With the morning sun rays are being shrill. Sunday morning ringing mercury 10 to 40 and 11 to 45 were approaching. Crossed 47 in the afternoon. Earth is burning like a furnace in the markets at midday silence is a bit stretched.sikar hot daysikar temperature in summer

Directly on the skin felt hot air emanating from the tandoor. Even after sunset the day was warm wind overnight. Is exacerbated by the routine of intense sunshine. With temperatures Lu has started walking faster. Morning sky as it seemed to be roasting. So let fans are just hot air, no relief from cooler. Bright summer preparations for the wedding events has been affected.
Bright summer animals – birds D – hydration and heat – is facing problems like stroke. Birds to quench thirst in localities deposited mud and dirty water drains and street drinking are vulnerable to water-borne diseases. Very few places in the city are the remains Lyan รง eyes. The dirty water is one of them. Animal milk dries to form due to more heat being reduced. The disease is becoming normal to have diarrhea and ulcers.

The mercury maintained an upward trend in the state and Sriganganagar and Kota districts recorded maximums of 46.5 and 46.1 degrees.sikar heat in rajasthan

Uttar Pradesh also remained under the grip of sizzling heat, where Banda recorded a maximum of 47.4 degrees Celsius.

Punjab and Haryana too witnessed searing heat, where the Union territory of Chandigarh recorded the hottest day with a maximum of 42.9 degrees, five above normal.

Temperatures across the two neighbouring states hovered around the 45 degree-mark and Hisar in Haryana was the hottest place with a maximum of 46 degrees.


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