Sikar is a historical city and district of rajasthan.famous for its art culture and padharo mhare desh attitude
Sikar(सीकर ) is a town located in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan state in India. It is the administrative headquarters of Sikar District. Sikar is situated midway between Bikaner and Agra on National Highway number 11. Sikar is a historical city and at present district headquarter. Sikar presents a good many facts for the tourists. It is 116 km away from the Jaipur, 320 km from Jodhpur 240 km from Bikaner and 301 km from Delhi.
Sikar is as much part of Shekhawati as Jhunjhunu. It was the biggest Thikana (Estate) of the Jaipur State ruled by Shekhawats (Rao Ji Ka sub-clan) . Sikar was the capital town of the Thikana Sikar . It is escorted all around by the high walls comprising of seven “Pols”(gates). The primitive name of Sikar was ‘Beer Bhan Ka Bass’. Raja Bahadur Singh Shekhawat, the Raja of Khandela gifted the village (Beer Bhan Ka Bass) to Rao Daulat Singh, son of Rao Jaswant Singh of Kasli Thikana. At the village site of Beer Bhan Ka Bass, Rao Daulat Singh Ji laid down the foundation of new Thikana Sikar in 1687 and built the fort here.
Later on his son Rao Shiv Singh (1721/1748) who was very strong ,clever, courageous and bold, he completed the fort and palaces of Sikar. Shiv Singh was the most prominent Rao Raja of Sikar. He developed the village into a beautiful town. It is surrounded by a strong “Parkota” boundary walls. He was a religious man. The famous Temple of Gopinath Ji was got erected by him. Shiv Singh was a great State builder, mighty warrior, a great lover of the art of the painting and architectures. After Shiv Singh his successors were Rao Samrath Singh, Rao Nahar Singh & Rao Chand Singh, Rao Devi Singh ascended the throne of Sikar after Chand Singh. He was a great warrior and ruled over Sikar very efficiently.
The forts of Raghunathgarh and Deogarh were built by him and also founded Ramgarh Shekhawati. It was the during the reign of Devi Singh that Sikar became a strong power in Shekhawati. The magnificent Temple of Raghunath Ji and Hanuman Ji bear the witness that he was a great worshipper of Gods and Goddesses. He was so popular that his period is called the golden rule of Sikar. He died in the year 1795. Devi Singh’s son Rao Raja Laxman Singh Ji was also a great warrior.
He built the Laxmangarh fort erected on the hill and a town which sprang up at the foot hills in called Laxmangarh after his name. Maharaja Sawai Jagat Singh Ji Saheb Bahadur (II),the king of Jaipur was much pleased with him, as a result the title of ‘Rao Raja’ was conferred upon him by the king .His period is known for the love of art, learning ,religion and culture .He was very philanthropic, the Sikar state was very prosperous in his period . The seth’s & the rich people got the magnificent buildings built & the painting on them are worth seeing.


















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