video:thodi si jo pee li hai…see our raj.police constable in masti


The rainy season in the pink city Jaipur is pleasant and full of fun this season has Suhownen resume a constable stationed in the city.
राजस्थान पुलिस के सिपाही ने एक बार फिर वर्दी को शर्मसार कर दिया जो ड्यूटी के समय मुस्तैद रहने के बजाय शराब पीकर खुद दूसरों के सहारे घर पहुंचे रहे हैं।

Lalchand constable on duty in season during the day something happened that the effect of alcohol drunk and began to swing. So when people said it objected to what, if a little drunk. During this time they did not even remember his uniform and drink openly in uniform and on the street, they’re tripping. Somehow floundering nagging wife arrived home, sir, these are also reminded them of their status. Leave the man who came to the house, saying it did not direct him upside down.



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